How We Started


Go Between Solutions was literally started while sitting in a chair zoning out to television philosophizing on the purpose of life.


This philosophizing was accompanied by a desire to right the wrongs of being digitally robbed blind, or in a more realistic view, robbed wide awake. Now while we say robbed it is important to understand that we did not lose any money nor did we have any money taken from us. We were awoken to the realities of the network and system and the actions of persons and corporations therein. Not being in a state of panic or debt we were able to take a step back and create a new vision to help refine our big picture view.


They do say necessity is the mother of all inventions.


With a view that litigation cannot be the long-term answer to such problems, we decided to set upon a course of looking beyond the initial desire to get revenge, or rather fair compensation for property and hard work, and began devising an aggressive plan of new infrastructure and systems.


This philosophizing accompanied with such thoughts began an arduous process of more thinking and a bunch of learning, knowledge and education. This process was followed by trial and error and real world experiments tests and endeavors of various kinds.


This was all done as a simple matter of personal journey and desire. When a person sees everything they worked so hard for literally destroyed in front of their eyes, it can start a process of understanding everything that occurred and how it was made possible. This resulted in a deep need of understanding every single data transmission to its utter core of electrical signals being sent around wires, the calculation interpretation and quantifiable sight of such a thing, and the various industries and players currently involved in every aspect of it.


This we assure you is not a simple task or one to be taken lightly.


This personal journey and desire started as a side endeavor while working on another business and its plan. Go Between Solutions nearly became Incorporated itself in 2016 when a NUANS search was filed for “Go Between Solutions”.


With a tough plan, an uncompromising world and economy, a plethora of digital bandits and paranoid owners and a lack of serious programming skills, the founder decided to start it as a division within a different and new company, Sage Hedge Inc.


Since then it has mostly been a bunch of brainstorming and in reality a url, a website in progress and a bundle of papers in a security deposit box.



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How we started