Go Between Solutions is a dream division, a place where we believe we can change the World. GBS is currently engaged in research and development, striving to solve today’s problems with tomorrows designs. Go Between Solutions daily activities include research, planning, brainstorming, drawings, schematics and patent preparation.

It is important to remember that many of our projects are ideas, theories and dreams. All are based on reality and a desire to improve the way things are.

Go Between Solutions is a vested technology branch of a Canadian Controlled Private Corporation.

GBS is currently focused on sustainable short and long-term solutions specializing in the theorization and instrumentation of digital networks to better manage property, person and communications, to help bolster a more sustainable two way interaction and a more fair and equitable economy for creators and consumers.

GBS has a long-term vision and business plan currently comprised of instruments of intellectual property, ideas, inventions, new technologies and a plan of progressiveness.

GBS is focused on responsibility, stewardship and a keen, aggressive yet passive and balanced stance on the planet and environment. We believe in long-term plans of sustainability that benefit all persons.

GBS is at the moment in private offline stages of theorization and growth.